Main Week Committee

Pink Week doesn’t just happen all by itself, it requires the work of our wonderful committee! Have a look below to see our shout-out to them for all of their hard work.


The President is in charge of running the overall week. They liaise with the ball presidents to ensure both parties are working together. With the help of their VP(s), they run the Main Week committee, ensuring everyone is doing their job well. This is such an exciting role as you get to decide the direction for that year’s Pink Week.


As Treasurer of Pink Week, your biggest job will be administering and tracking all payments coming in and out of the bank account. You will have oversight of the sponsorship team and take an active role in securing sponsorship. You will also work closely with most members of the committee, in particular, the events team, college rep coordinators and the ball committee in planning budgets for various events. You will also work with the publicity team in terms of managing their budget and any demands of sponsors.


The VP role is essentially to support the president in the overall running of the main week. This can take multiple forms, from assuming responsibility over a particular area (e.g. events or college reps) or can be a more general role that encompasses all parts of committee. It’s important to understand what your own skill set can offer to the committee.

College Reps Coordinators

The College Rep Coordinators organise all of the college reps across Cambridge colleges (each college has a Pink Week college rep who advertises Pink Week within their college and organises their own events). They appoint the reps at the start of the year and then monitor their progress throughout, giving them advice, resources and ideas. This role is so important for ensuring the week runs smoothly – this year there were over 50 college reps so this role requires good organisational skills.


The events team are in change of organising all the events, apart from the ball, that happen throughout the week. There’s lots of flexibility here and the events team can basically decide what events they’d like to put on. We’d love to hear your ideas for adapting current events or starting new ones


The Sponsorship team is tasked with contacting companies in order to encourage them to sponsor Cambridge Pink Week. This sponsorship money is integral in allowing us to cover initial costs before we’ve raised any money. Through being part of the sponsorship you not only get to raise a lot of money for an amazing cause but can also help improve many skills, such as email and phone communication, contacting corporate companies etc…

Education Officer

The Education officer is in charge of making sure that Pink Week isn’t just about raising money but also about raising awareness and educating the student body. They’ll make sure that all events have some sort of educational element as well as organising their own specific educational events. They also liaise with the publicity officers to ensure our awareness message is prominent on our social media.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Designer is fundamental to the Pink Week brand. They get to design the Pink Week logo which will be used throughout the year. They’re also in charge of designing an image for each event and designing the ball programme. This role is relatively independent and you have a lot of freedom to design whatever you like but you’ll also have support from the whole committee in this role.


Publicity officers are in charge of both the Pink Week and Facebook and Instagram pages. They ensure that all Pink Week content is seen as widely as possible, from creating fliers and posting in pigeon holes to producing videos. This role is relatively flexible and fun – we’d love to hear your creative ideas about how you’d make Pink Week as visible as possible! Feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook or Insta!

Web Design

The Web Designer is in charge of running this lovely website! This means making sure that all of the content on the up-to-date including all of the information about the events running throughout the week. They also having to maintain the Pink Week Ball section of the site, which means updating all of the information and making it look as snazzy as possible!