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Cambridge Pink Week Shop

Welcome to the Pink Week 2021 stash shop! 

By buying one of our products, you’re supporting the work of incredible breast cancer charities, which have been hit really hard by the pandemic. Why not buy one of our boob-themed items as a term-time treat for yourself or as a present for a friend!

END OF TERM UPDATE: orders placed after the 23rd of November will be attempted to be delivered this term but they may be delivered at the beginning of next term

DELIVERY DETAILS: We will deliver your products to your College via our college representatives. Also, please use your Cambridge email.

DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE ORDERS: If you are placing a larger order (more than three items), please get in contact with our stash team at to arrange this

Boob Tote


Boob Scrunchie


Boob Notebook (large)


Boob Notebook (small)


Hand-painted original design poster (A3)


Hand-painted original design poster (A4)


Hand-painted original design poster (A5)


Boob Earrings (Red beads)


Boob Earrings (Pink beads)